Home schooling

Conventional schooling does not suit all students. Taking the step to home school is a great commitment, however, many students excel when they are given the opportunity to learn in their own environment and at their own pace. 

Ingenious Learning can provide a comprehensive service for home schooling.

Found home schooling more enjoyable than a conventional school
Felt less pressurised with home schooling
Felt home schooling was significantly easier to organise with the help of Ingenious Learning
Of our home schooled students achieved their predefined target grades last year
Of our clients enjoyed the flexbility that home schooling offers over conventional schooling

What is homeschooling?

Common reasons for homeschooling


If you do not live in the locality of a school with an excellent reputation, you may choose to opt for homeschooling.

This can be especially common for families who reside in rural areas.

A more comfortable environment

Students often feel pressure from teachers and other students.

Learning at home may be a more comfortable and enjoyable experience, especially for children who have special educational needs.

More time together

Homeschooling can allow families to spend more time together.

Furthermore, less time is wasted on time-consuming school-runs.

Child-led learning

Homeschooling can allow children to follow their passions and prioritise their own interests. One-to-one learning can be a much more interactive and effective process.

Choose your curriculum

Freedom to select your own subjects, syllabuses and examinations.


Create a schedule and timetable that is most suitable for your family.

Things to consider before homeschooling

Time commitments

Homeschooling requires parents to devote their time to educating their children.

These pressures can be alleviated with the help and expertise of Ingenious Learning's expert tutors.


Books, worksheets and other resources can often be costly. Furthermore private tuition can be a financial commitment.

Our Virtual Schooling Program is a cost-effective option for homeschooling your children.


We recommend that homeschooled students engage in a variety of extra-curricular activities to ensure they get to socialise with others.

How to start homeschooling

Contact your current school

You will need to contact your child's current headteacher requesting to homeschool your child, either full-time or part-time.

We recommend that you contact us before you begin this process, as schools often choose to oppose these requests and it can be difficult to understand the law and your rights. We offer guidance on the entire deregistering process, including template letters and information about your rights and the law.

Register with Ingenious Learning

Ingenious Learning has teams of qualified teachers, expert tutors and professional examiners ready to guide you through the entire homeschooling process.

You can choose between private tuition packages, or our Virtual Schooling Program, which is a very cost-effective option.

Begin learning

We work with your family to create a structured weekly schedule and set learning targets.​ We will provide you with everything you need for homeschooling, including: tutorials, worksheets, revision materials, schedules and timetables.

Our expert educators monitor your progress and set new learning targets for you. You are assigned a personal tutor, who monitors your weekly performance and provides you with ongoing guidance and support. We can also enter you into any examinations you wish.

Homeschooling service - Option 1

Private tuition

Homeschooling service - Option 2

Our Virtual Schooling Program